Wide Angle Youth Media Visits Stevenson

Yesterday, Thursday, October 17, 11 students from Wide Angle Youth Media visited Stevenson’s School of Design. We had a great time showing them around, and hope they come back for another visit.

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What Kinds of Film Are We Making This Year? Check It Out

Fall 2013 – VID107 Project 3: Rachel Pollock

In the new curriculum for VID107 – “Fundamentals of Video” – the third project is the first one for which students record synchronized sound. They shoot with a Sony HXR-NX5U, work with a mic on a boom pole, and edit in Final Cut Pro X, to tell a simple story with a clear beginning, middle and end. Here, Rachel Pollock has brilliantly used the limitations of the project to create a funny short piece about what it’s like to make a movie. Starring Gabby Sturgeon, Jasmine Sterling and Patrick Howard.

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VID107 Students Add Sound to the Mix


2013/10/01 – VID107, a set on Flickr.

With their 3rd project, using the Sony HXR-NX5U, the VID107 students work with sound for the first time.

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VID107-ON3 and -ON4 Photos from 9/17/13

You can also find these photos on flickr.

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More photos from a different VID107 section

I meant to post these on the same day as the previous shots, but I just added 10 photos from Prof. Dina Fiasconaro’s Sep. 3 VID107 class. All photos by Prof. Fiasconaro.

Here is one still of first-year student Dan Crapanzano. Click on the photo to be taken to the set on flickr, for more.

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VID107 Students Shooting First Still-Image Project


2013/09/03 – VID107, a set on Flickr.

First day of shooting for the first-years, as they check out the Panasonic GH2s and gather material for their first, still-image, project. Lots of firsts!

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Welcome Back to the Fall 2013 Semester

We’re in new digs. Come and see. Here is Professor G.T. Keplinger and his VID222-01 (Field Production and Editing II) class in our (not quite finished) studio (with just the faintest of outlines of yours truly photographing the group through the control room window):

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Happy Summer! See You on August 26

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Two Seasons of “The University,” Stevenson’s Webcast SitCom

For the past two years, students in the Department of Film/Video at Stevenson University have written, produced, shot and edited a situational comedy for broadcast on Stevenson’s internal “portal” website. Loosely modeled on the U.S. version of “The Office,” “The University” follows the marvelous misadventures of one Hank Howard, videographer extraordinaire (in his own mind, anyway), played by yours truly.

Now, after two seasons, I share with you all 16 episodes (7 from Season 1, and 9 from Season 2). I am very proud of the work the students have done. It’s not easy writing an ongoing web series on top of one’s regular school work, and managing to keep the plot lines flowing consistently and continuously from episode to episode.

You can watch the series on Vimeo or YouTube. Take your pick. Enjoy! And thank you for watching.

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FIVTH335 – Lighting – Gets Ready for Spring Fashion Show

Exsul Van Helden’s Spring 2013 Lighting class gets ready for the Spring 2013 Fashion Show. Stills by Brandy Creek.

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